August 19, 2019

Mike Amari - Talent Buyer

Outside of the movies and my daydreams, great bands don't just show up at places and go "Hey, mind if we play a few songs?". Getting your favorite acts lined up to perform takes a ton of research, creativity, and a whole lot of other skills that only come from experience. Mike Amari is the Talent Buyer at BSP in Kingston, NY, and what struck me about this conversation is just how much the role entails beyond just assigning a band to a date. Also worth noting that Mike is 1/2 of Shana Falana, creator of my wonderful theme song, and if you listen very carefully, you can actually hear Shana taking a small metal bowl solo about 2/3 of the way through. Thank you Mike and Shana, you are two of my favorite people for so many reasons. 

BSP Kingston website / instagram / facebook / spotify 

Amarchives (Mike's nostalgia-infused playlist)

Shana Falana www / facebook / spotify

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